Vendor Policy Guidelines

First and foremost all products in the Green Market should be locally produced, hand-crafted by an artisan or upcycled — meaning made from recycled materials or repurposing previously used materials.

In our Fresh Produce section, we are looking for growers who meet our certification standards, which are striving towards produce or livestock produced without antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides, without genetically modified seeds, and using integrated crop protection and pest management methods. 

The Green Market will visit your farm or garden before you can sell at our Market. 

For artisans, you must provide us with samples of your product before you can sell in the Market.

All vendors are expected to be punctual, pleasant and informed.

The Green Market is a place where information is shared and consumers are educated about the benefits of local consumption and of the particular products that Vendors are selling.

As a Vendor, you are expected to introduce yourself to and get to know the other Vendors at the Green Market and to promote them as you do yourselves.

Once you become an approved vendor, you will be given a more comprehensive set of guidelines by which you agree to abide.

The Green Market aspires to be a zero waste environment. Every Vendor is required to promote recycling in the Market and to make greater efforts at their own stall or booths to eliminate the use of plastic bags and excess packaging.

We look forward to working with you.

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