About Living Green Blog


Living green, or living sustainably. What on Earth does this mean? It is a hard and complex  question to answer. But first and foremost, it is about personal choice. Do I choose to live in a way that protects and nurtures the natural environment and my own human health along with all the other species that share the Planet Earth with me?  

Do I choose to consume in a way that respects and sustains those who are producing for my needs? Do I really need all the stuff I consume and do I waste what can be reused or recycled?

The Green Market is a place where you can think about these questions that challenge our 21st century world with other like-minded people. We strive to bring in experts that can help us untangle the unsustainability web that has been built over the past centuries. Plastic or paper? Grass fed or grain fed? Local or imported? Bio-engineering? Alternative energy sources? Resilience? Climate change? Hunger still exists.

Living “green” or sustainably can be deeply fulfilling and spiritually nourishing for you and those you care about.

Let’s have this conversation.