Green Market:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are free range eggs available at the Green Market?
Yes, but they go quickly.

Can you give me directions to the Green Market?

From the East
On Saddle Road, pass the fire station junction, as if you are going to Maracas, the market is on the right opposite a Mr Hops building.

From Maraval
Pass Undercover and the junction that leads to a quarry and masjid, the market is on the left. Just turn in to the carpark and come!

*For more info and to view map, click here.

I have been told not all produce at the Green Market are organic, is that true?
Ask the vendors themselves. They will tell you what their practices are. As consumers, we need to engage them for the information we need.

I am interested in getting a booth at Green Market. How much does it cost and what’s the procedure?
Booths cost $300 but there is a 1st time 15% discount. We like things that are handmade with local inputs. Please send an email to requesting a Saturday date. Our office phone is 221-9116

I am a student and I would like to know how I can become a volunteer at the Green Market?
Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Please feel free as well to email us at and we will find way to have you as part of our team.

How much are the weekly baskets and how long do you think I would have to wait?
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is $600 for the month which you pay at the start of the month, then come to the market every week (either Saturday or Sunday) to collect your mix of our farm-share produce. You can begin this June if you would like.

Is there a Lost & Found at the Green Market?
Yes, visit the SAGM Info Booth at the Market or email us at