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Emancipation Day

The history of the New World since Columbus re-discovered it is one of conquest, pillage, exploitation and forced migration of a people. For more than three centuries millions of people were forcibly transported from their homes in Africa, across the perilous Atlantic Ocean to the New World, where they were forced to labour on sugar plantations for the rest of their lives. This enslavement of a people continued until events in Europe changed the fortunes of the West Indian and North American colonies. Humanitarians started questioning the validity of slavery, there was competition from beet sugar producers in Europe, and the advent of the Industrial Revolution spawned the rise of a new group of influential men in the British Parliament who believed that slavery was no longer economically viable.

Celebrate at the Green Market

Live Drums

African Trophies

African Sculptures

Weaving Demo

African Inspired Food

Earlier Event: July 26
Sunday Market Closed for July 2015
Later Event: August 2
Sunday Market ReOpen