Green Market Santa Cruz is an ongoing experiment in community-based sustainable development.

It is conceived as a social enterprise — a business that applies commercial strategies to maximize its social objectives in human and environmental well-being. In other words, the Green Market can choose to maximize social and environmental impact over profits for shareholders. A social enterprise has social objectives. The Green Market has three:

  1. To change existing patterns of production and consumption by linking farmers and garden growers directly to consumers.

  2. To foster land-based and artisanal entrepreneurship and thereby increase its perceived quality and value.

  3. To recreate a “village green” where individuals, families and communities can reconnect with Nature and each other.

The Green Market strives to remind its visitors and patrons of the awe-inspiring beauty and bounty of Nature and consequently encourages responsible voluntary eco-conscious behavior to preserve and protect that beauty and bounty.

About Us

The Green Market opened on 24 November 2012. It is situated on ¾ acre in the historic San Antonio Estate and is part of a five acre working farm belonging to Wendell Mottley and Vicki Assevero.

The Green Market was intentionally created using low impact historical architecture that blends into the natural landscape so that visitors, shoppers and patrons can amble through the landscape and observe plants and fruits growing.

The Green Market is committed to promoting healthy food through farmer and consumer education. We are working with all of our farmers to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. We are equally committed to building a community of eco-conscious consumers who will help us advocate for healthy eating and life choices as well as environmental protection and preservation. Finally we are committed to gentle demonstration–based education about the interconnectedness of all life so that in due course, the values of respect, cooperation, diligence and caring empathy willbecome normative for our community.

The Green Market is open:

  • Saturdays from 6:00am-1:00pm. Saturdays are Farmers’ Market Days with fresh produce, food to eat and takeaway, land-based artisanal food and crafts, and our Edible Talks.


Vicki Assevero, Co-Founder Executive Director

Rheanna Chen, CSA and Outreach Manager

Ian Ganessingh, Farm Manager & Organic Growing Instructor

Anselm Joseph, Procurement Consultant

Adaeze Greenidge, Volunteer/Intern

Adele Stollmeyer, Volunteer/Intern


Vicki Assevero

Patricia Ganase

Marc Lloyd

Wendell Mottley

Gerard Williams- Chair